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KFOR: Puerto Rico Guard assumes Kosovo mission from ND National Guard 
Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann (left), Bismarck, N.D., outgoing commander of Multinational Battle Group East, and Command Sgt. Maj. Jack W. Cripe, Dickinson, N.D., outgoing command sergeant major for MNBG E, roll up the 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade flag during a Transfer of Authority Ceremony at Camp Bondsteel, July 24. Brig. Gen. Dohrmann officially handed over command of MNBG E to Col. Francisco J. Neuman, Ponce, Puerto Rico, during the ceremony. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jerry Boffen, 130th PAD)

CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo – A new U.S.-led KFOR battle group, predominately based out of Puerto Rico, officially took over responsibility of Multinational Battle Group East today, joining units from six other nations, all of which are supporting the NATO mission of maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people in Kosovo.

At the event, Col. Francisco J. Neuman, of Ponce, Puerto Rico, commander of the 92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Soldiers under his command, officially accepted responsibility of MNBG E from Brig. Gen. Alan S. Dohrmann, of Bismarck, N.D., commander of the 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Bismarck, N.D., and the Soldiers in his battle group.

The U.S. contingent of MNBG E, of which approximately two-thirds are Puerto Rico National Guard Soldiers, is represented by Soldiers from 21 states and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. (Below is a breakdown of units and where they are from, as well as a list of the states that are represented by Soldiers in the battle group.)

MNBG E’s sector stretches along Kosovo’s eastern Administrative Boundary Line, and is one of five sectors where NATO peacekeeping forces conduct patrols and engage with the people and institutions in Kosovo.

Brig. Gen. Dohrmann and the Soldiers of the 141st MEB have been providing safety and security in Kosovo since they took over the mission in November 2009. Col. Neuman said he looks forward to continuing that important mission with the help of multinational partners from Armenia, Hellas (Greece), Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine.

“I am energized by the strong performance of KFOR 12,” said Col.Neuman. “As I look forward, my objective is to continue building on the work accomplished by KFOR 12 and its predecessors over the past several years. Without a doubt, progress is being made in Kosovo.”

The incoming Soldiers under Col. Neuman’s command started training for this deployment at their home stations in March, continued training at Camp Atterbury, Ind., and in Hohenfels, Germany. They began arriving in Kosovo in late June.

“We are a diverse group … that came together at our mobilization station and have become a strong cohesive organization,” Col.Neuman said.

“I am honored for the opportunity to lead Multinational Battle Group East,” he continued. “My Soldiers are ready. We all look forward to supporting you (the people in Kosovo) in this important mission.”

Col. Neuman and Brig. Gen. Dohrmann were joined at the ceremony by German Lt. Gen. Markus Bentler, commander of KFOR, as well as Maj. Gen. Antonio J. Vicens and Maj. Gen. David A. Sprynczynatyk, the Adjutants General of Puerto Rico and North Dakota, respectively. Finnish Brig. Gen. Seppo Toivonen, commanding general of MNBG Center, and German Brig. Gen. Stephen Thomas, commanding general of MNBG South, also attended the ceremony.

Other distinguished guests in attendance included Ambassador Christopher Dell, the U.S. ambassador to Kosovo; Ambassador Metin Husrev Unler, the Turkish ambassador to Kosovo; Ambassador Dimitris Moschopoulos, head of the Liaison Office of Greece in Pristina/Prishtine; and Maftei Danut, head of the Liaison Office of Romania in Pristina/Prishtine. Several municipality mayors and high-ranking civil and military leaders from throughout Kosovo were present as well.

This is Col. Neuman’s third deployment to Kosovo as part of the NATO-led international force, having served as the commander of the 755th Military Police Company, Operation Joint Guardian in 2000, and as the Battalion Commander and provost marshal for Task Force Semper Lex, 29th Infantry Division, Operation Enduring Freedom from 2006 to 2007.

Col. Neuman has been the commander of the 92nd for nearly two years.

Hi resolution and additional photos of Transfer of Authority ceremony avail on Flickr: MNBG E, KFOR 13, Transfer of Authority, July 24, 2010

Additional information:

Multinational Battle Group East Unit Breakdown
 92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Headquarters & Headquarters Company, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
 130th Public Affairs Detachment, Hartford, Connecticut
 350th Finance Detachment, Flemington, New Jersey
 328h Postal Services Detachment, U.S. Army Reserve, Louisiana
 745th Ordinance Disposal Company, Camp Grayling, Michigan
 544th Military Police Company, Ponce, Puerto Rico
 A Company, 1st Battalion, 296th Infantry Regiment, Utuado, Puerto Rico
 75th Combat Support Hospital, U.S. Army Reserve, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
 192nd Liaison Monitoring Team, Gurabo, Puerto Rico
 221st Military Intelligence Battalion, Fort Gillem, Georgia
 Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 1-114th Security & Support Aviation Battalion, Little Rock, Arkansas
 F Company, 2-238th Medical Ambulance Battalion, Little Rock, Arkansas
 C Company, 2-147th Aviation Battalion, Boone, Iowa
 Detachment 2, D Company, 2-147th Aviation Battalion, Boone, Iowa
 Detachment 2, E Company, 2-147th Aviation Battalion, Boone, Iowa
 Detachment 1, B Company, 777th Combat Support Battalion, San Juan, Puerto Rico

States and territories represented by Soldiers in MNBG E
 Alabama
 Arkansas
 California
 Colorado
 Connecticut
 Georgia
 Hawaii
 Illinois
 Indiana
 Iowa
 Louisiana
 Maryland
 Michigan
 Mississippi
 Missouri
 New Jersey
 North Dakota
 Pennsylvania
 Puerto Rico
 Tennessee
 Texas
 Virginia

Soldiers with Multinational Battle Group East stand in formation during a Transfer of Authority Ceremony at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, July 24. The ceremony marked the official change of command as Col. Francisco J. Neuman, Ponce, Puerto Rico, incoming commander of MNBG E, KFOR 13, officially took over for Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann, Bismarck, N.D., commander of MNBG E, KFOR 12. MNBG E consists of soldiers from the U.S. and six other countries. (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Sarah A. Cummings, 130th PAD)
Col. Francisco J. Neuman (right), Ponce, Puerto Rico, commander of Multinational Battle Group East, hands the NATO flag to Command Sgt. Maj. Gilbert Arocho, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, command sergeant major of MNBG E, during a Transfer of Authority Ceremony at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, July 24. By handing the flag to Arocho, the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer in the battle group, Col. Neuman signified the trust he has in his enlisted Soldiers. The ceremony marked the change of responsibility to MNBG E from Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann, Bismarck, N.D., and the 141st MEB to Col. Neuman and the 92nd. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jerry Boffen, 130th PAD)
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